Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, November 7, 2016

I love YSSAAAAA!  Seriously- so fun and so many miracles!  Lately I have been really having to focus on what I say because I have been almost ending my phone calls the same way I end a prayer and my companion told me the other day that I accidentally said "what are your plans for after the mission" instead of "after high school".. yikes.  Okay 5 million cool things happened this week so I am going to try and condense this the best I can.
So we have been feeling very strongly that with all the recent converts we have we should be focusing on finding through them.  So we were praying a couple weeks ago about who specifically has a friend and Clarissa's name came to mind.  So we had a lesson with her and told her that we prayed and felt like she knows someone who is prepared to receive the gospel and we invited her to pray to recognize who it is.  At church on Sunday in gospel principles she shared a very personal story about an addiction she used to have and when we met with her this week she told us that she felt prompted to share that because she feels like the person who is prepared has struggled with the same addiction and that someone in that class at church needed to hear about.  SO on Thursday Sister Light and I had a couple hours before we had to leave for Reno for MLC so we went out finding, we had a couple names and we decided to say a prayer about who the Lord needed us to go see and the name Devin came to mind.  We don't know him but have his name and address and so we went by- it turns out he moved BUT his YSA aged sister was there because she had just moved home 2 days ago to get away from influences because she was trying to quit the same addiction Clarissa had shared about!!!  Ok.. is Heavenly Father cool or what?  He totally answered all our prayers and now Clarissa is a fellowshipper for this sweet daughter of God who is trying to overcome the adversary. So cool.
Another one of the recent converts, Gabe, brought his friend Sheldon to church yesterday!  We met him before it started and set up an appointment to start teaching him.  He ended up bearing his testimony in sacrament meeting (?!?) and we had a solid lesson on the restoration later in the day where he committed to being baptized on December 10.  !! 
My testimony this week that the Lord is guiding every aspect of this work was strengthened this week.  His hand was everywhere and it is so cool to be an instrument for him!  We texted all the missionaries and asked who in they knew in their wards that were YSA that may be struggling and we could go visit.  We got a name for a boy who is not active but has a twin sister who is leaving on her mission this month.  We decided to go try and meet him and just ended up finding the sister and mom home so we started talking to them for a little bit about the brother.  We eventually got on the topic of Katie's mission and her mom shared that we had came at exactly the right time because just the day before Katie had broke down and was doubting if she should be going on a mission.  We were able to testify and share personal experiences from before our missions when the opposition was on blast mode.  She was so grateful and said it was exactly what she needed and she is thrilled to go on her mission!  It was a really cool experience because 2 sister missionaries helped me out a ton when I was doubting my decision to serve and I am SO grateful because I have not regretted one second.  The sweetest joy I have ever felt has been here in Nevada and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity.  I know our Savior Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us so personally and infinitely.  I love Him.  Let me know if there'a anything I can do for any of you and I hope you have a wonderful week!

xoxo Sister Paul

1. grandmas heater broke and it is very cold here so she made us all wear her bathrobes for warmth... hahaha she is the best

2.  cute companions? after 5 hour car ride

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