Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, May 30, 2016

Dear friends and family-

Hello. :)  Life is super good.  Phil and his family are progressing really well- we had a lesson with all of them on the Plan of Salvation and that family has so much knowledge and brought up so many deep things that I had noooo idea how to respond to, we have been talking to a lot of people like that lately and it has been very humbling to me to realize how little knowledge I actually have... haha. Given the fact that Sister M and I didn't know how to respond to much, the lesson finished off with us bearing our testimonies of what we do know to be true and there was a strong spirit (Sister M cried) and afterwards the Rush family told us that we've changed their lives for the better and it was just a really cool moment.  So Phil will either be getting baptized on the 11th or 18th, depending on Word of Wisdom!  We started teaching this guy Chris who is also super knowledgable and deep and  is just now trying to find out who Jesus Christ is and what he can do for us- we met with him on Saturday and then he came to church on Sunday and asked a ton of questions and really liked it!  Also kinda funny because we met him when he was fixing his car and he said "are you guys mormon? i just saw the book of mormon play!" ... But he likes everything that he's learned about so far so we are grateful that he saw the play because not sure if he wouldve talked to us otherwise!

So this last week I have been thinking and studying and praying a lot about humility and patience... 2 things I need to work on a lot. ha. I have been studying about the sons of mosiah and how they had to practice a lot of patience in their lives and missions and I have learned a lot!  

And now, these are the words of Ammon to his brethren, which say thus: My brothers and my brethren, behold I say unto you, how great reason have we to rejoice; for could we have supposed when we started from the land of Zarahemla that God would have granted unto us such great blessings?    

I lovveeddd this because Ammon and his brothers were like the best missionaries ever, and were the reason that so many people came to the gospel and to knowing Jesus Christ, but when they first started they had nooo idea what a powerful impact they would have and how many lives they would change.  Yet, they went forth through the trials and had patience in their afflictions and the result is legendary.  I was thinking about this and how often as human beings we question whether were really making a difference or whether what we're doing is really worth the time or how often we get caught up in how hard life is in that moment and then we feel sorry for ourselves and waste time doing that instead of actually going out and working and trying to make a difference (wowza that was a ramble sorry).  The point is...

40 And now my beloved brethren, I would exhort you to have patience, and that ye bear with all manner of afflictions; that ye do not revile against those who do cast you out because of your exceeding poverty, lest ye become sinners like unto them;
41 But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions

One day we will get to rest, but that is not now.  Now is the time that we have to learn and progress and go through a lot of hard things because those are exactly what are going to shape us into what Heavenly Father knows each of us has the potential to be.  The scriptures rock.  Also I have been obsessed over family history lately and we don't have the time to do it as a missionary but if any of you have any cool family history stories you should send them to me! Ok I love you all :) Please let me know if theres anything I can do for you and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Paul

Monday, May 23, 2016

From Kylie's companion...

Hello Beautiful people of life!
This last week FLEW by. We had so many amazing meetings, one of them focused on the book of Mormon and using it in teaching.  I  love the book of Mormon so much. It is what our church rests on! Everything we teach can come from that book. Once you know that it is a true book, then you know everything else is true as well.
This week I have been filled with a new, refreshing love of missionary work. Because of things that have happened, I have had the chance to defend my calling and it's amazing. I love it. I know that anyone who feels they should serve, needs to.
Oh! Those of you who know Spencer Harmon from DE, I get to talk with him this last Wednesday!I had no idea how much I missed Delaware until I saw someone who just came from there! I asked him about everyone in the stake, he told me that my brother Jake told him to give me a hard time (thanks, brother :) ) and it was so cool. 2 people from DE in one room, haha! When he introduced himself it was all I could do to shout "YES!" as soon as he said where he was from. It was a magnificent moment.
The weather is crazy here. It snowed, in May! It's so cold here too! Wow. In Nevada, if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it will change. Getting dressed in the morning is hard because we have to dress for warm and cold at the same time.
I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers for me and my family! I can feel them. When missionaries give all their energy to others, it's nice to know that their are people at home giving their energy for us.
Love, Sister Muhlestein
p.s. Just in case anyone is afraid to send letters to the wrong address (because I know you all really want to send letters),  my address is still the same. ;)

6402 Mae Anne Ave.
Reno, NV 89523

Monday, May 16, 2016

Friends and family-

     Ahhh this week was super good, to say the least!  We found this new investigator that we started teaching, she's a cute single mom with two little boys.  She has grown up with a ton of LDS family and went to primary and seminary but never actually had been offered the missionary lessons or anything like that... that was kind of a slap in the face to hear and made me think about all the people in my life who may have been super close to the gospel but I never shared it with them!! wowza- member missionary work is so important never forget!!
     We MLC this week and it was wwwayyyy good- 2 cool stories.  2 men from the mission department in Salt Lake came and they and president chestnut and sister chesnut all chose missionaries to go out and work with and sister chesnut came with us which was soo fun!  She's the cutest.  Also while she was with us she said that Brother Hemingway, who was one of the guys from Salt Lake had asked about me and wanted to meet me.. i was like whaaat?  When I met him he came up and said "I was with your grandfather Ron Kump last week giving him a temple recommend"  I almost started crying- such a cool tender mercy!!  On top of that, his training was amazing and basically a turning point for my mission.  
     On Saturday a sweet little 9 year old boy got baptized who I had taught when we were in a trio.  His dad is single and has recently came back to church- he got  to baptize him and bore his testimony at the end.  So tender!!
     Yesterday was probably on my list of top 5 best days of my mission.   PHIL AND HIS DAUGHTER CAME TO CHURCH!!!  Phils health finally allowed him to come and he loved it!  We were talking to him after sacrament and he said that they were planning on only staying for sacrament but they felt so good that they decided to stay all 3 hours.. the ward was so nice and helpful and it was the best ever.  Later that night we had an FHE at the Mahlers (our ward mission leader), with Phils WHOLE family, and the Phillips (recent convert family).  The Mahlers showed them all how they do family home evening and the lesson was on family history- for the activity each parent took 2 kids and told them something crazy they had done when they were younger and then they had to come act it out for us all to guess.  It was so cute and fun and everyone had such a good time and got along so well!  Ahh I love being a missionary.
     Okay so I have been thinking about the Book of Mormon a lot lately so I wanted to leave you guys with my testimony-  Before my mission, I really did not know much about the Book of Mormon, nor did I have a very deep love for it.  I couldn't even tell you that I knew that Jesus Christ appeared to the people in the Americas and how significant that event was.  Now- after I truly have studied and made a conscious effort to love and learn from it, I know who Jesus Christ.  I know what He has done for us, and although I may never be able to comprehend all that that entails, I feel I have a stronger grasp on the reality of all that He went through and I have full confidence that he would have still done it for me, even if I was the only mortal being on the face of the earth.  I have gained this testimony through reading and pondering the words of prophets who testified of Him in the Book of Mormon and I know that if anyone has a desire to know or Savior Jesus Christ more, that book is the way.

Sister Paul

PS- I was doing high knees and fell the other day.... my anke is swollen and black and blue lol so this first picture you see here basically sums up my life of having a struggling ankle and still walking around all day.. taking every opportunity to rest while at home

2. my companions cute and wears my glasses

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello :)

     This week was goooood.  We got transfer calls last night and Sister Muhlestein is coming back to continue to be my companion.. so now we will be able to see that we were companions for more than 7 days! haha this last transfer has been loco.  But I am happy to be staying here! 
     This week I have been thinking a lot about Jesus Christ and what He has done and what He can do for us.  We were teaching a girl yesterday who is still trying to figure out who He is and what He can do- we watched Finding Faith in Christ which I have never seen before and it was so good!! It showed his life and the miracles and atonement that He performed.  We have been sharing the story of Alma the Younger for our dinner thoughts with this poem - "Ill find you my friend" (so good look it up), and I just llooovvee that story because he went from being so so bad to being one of the best missionaries ever.  We all have the ability to do so and to change and I am so grateful for that knowledge especially as I have been very humbled and realized how weak I really am. ALSO- so grateful for prayer.  In church yesterday we were talking about prayer and our teacher said that he would pray on his way to work every day and imagine that Heavenly Father was sitting next to him in the passenger seat and how it made such a difference in how he spoke and what he asked for.  He said it turned into less of him saying I want I want I want and more of him asking what do you want me to do?  I loovveedd that and I am wanting to work on my prayers a lot because too often when I am praying do I start thinking about food or who knows what.. Heavenly Father does not need to know about what I am going to be making for lunch! (although he would care- so kind)
     Anyways-  the Rush family are doing well.  I still love them with my whole heart and Phil is so excited to get baptized!! He said he would this weekend but he hasn't been able to make it to church because of his health.. Satan is the worst.  We are teaching this guy named Brian who is trying to figure out where he stands with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  He describes himself as "the kind of guy who will ask Heavenly Father for his ID when he sees him," oh boy.. hahah he is a hoot and the last lesson we taught was the Plan of Salvation and we somehow related it all to food because that is what he said motivates him.. haha it was way fun!!
     Happy mommys day this week!!! My mom is the best mom and I am so grateful for her wonderful example and light that she is in my life.  I am also very grateful for all the rest of the other moms who have had a powerful influence on my life :)  I got asked to speak in our ward this Sunday- I think this will be take 3 on speaking on mothers day! haha good stuff.  I love you all very very much and I hope you have a wonderful week :)  Let me know if theres anything I can do for any of you!!

Sister Paul

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All of my companions for the last 6 weeks :)