Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

So many things to say and so little time so I am going to write this in numbers"

1.  Leaving Sierra Highlands was the hardest on the planet and I cried my eyes out and felt like I was leaving my whole heart there and I kinda was but i am now okay and in a great place
2.  My companion is Sister Latu from TONGA! :)  She is the coolest... her english rocks and she is always so happy and positive.  We are having so much fun
3.  Getting double transferred has been nuts but it has been way fun to get to know everyone here and we have been finding a ton of people!  We were able to find 5 new investigators this week and have 20 referrals!
4.  Brushing up on my spanish (lol) because we share a ward with some spanish elders and they have gotten us a tonnnn of referrals and so I have been attempting talking to people in spanish on the street and it is loads of fun
5.  The people we live with (grandma and grandpa) have a dog named Bear and they have been out of town so we have been watching it and ohhh boy.. I dont really know how to do dogs and it follows me everywhere and gets in my bed because i think we dont give it enough love but I am bad at that so yes I am learning and this is preparing me for the future dog that is now at my home :-)
6.  We are teaching 2 teen moms- one is from AZ and it is so cool because they have such strong desires to turn their lives around and focus more on Christ.  One of them came to church yesterday and she loved it sooo much. 
7.  One of the other investigators we found is an Iraq veteran who suffers with PTSD and needs peace in his life.  He came to church and loved it!  He said it is the most comfortable church he has ever been in and he felt at home, which is so cool because he never has really had a home.  
8.  For my birthday I got to run the exercises for morning program! woo hoo! :)
9.  We are once again the only sisters in our whole zone.
10.  I love being a missionary!!

Sister Paul

1. clearly a bad angle hahah but this is my cute new companion sister latu :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello friends and family :)

Oh man, I love this place so much.  Unfortunately, I am getting transferred.  I will be getting double transferred (yikes) to Carson City and am going to be training a new missionary again!! Scared out of my mind to say the least but thats why Im grateful to know that I can put all my trust in the Lord to help me out ;')  But oh man, I am so sad to leave this area... Things have been going so well.  Not sure if I have mentioned this is previous emails but we recently found this family with 6 kids!!!  3 of them are of baptism age and are set to get baptized.  We switch off every day having lessons with the parents and the children and I love them so much.... One of the best moments of my whole entire life was seeing all 6 kids come into church yesterday and sit around us.  I cried. hahaha. I love them so much.  Also, weird experience for the week... We were planning to have a lesson with Phil but his house is super cluttery since they are moving so he told us to meet by the lobby.  When he got there he said that we would actually be meeting by the pool because he had to watch his daughters.  So just imagine this scenario... 2 sister missionaries, 2 grown men in ties (member presents, and a guy with a man bun in a wheelchair all sitting in a circle on the side of a public pool reading from the Book of Mormon.  It was nuts. hahah
Okay so everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday- and so I have an invitation that we have been doing with our members at dinner :)  The Book of Mormon has become my most favorite thing on the planet, it is great and has changed my life and I know it can do that for anyone. Sooo.... for my birthday I wanted to invite you all to pray for someone that you can give a copy of the Book of Mormon to!  Even if a name comes to mind and you are like nooooo way, still act on it!  A thought is inspiration until proven otherwise :)  You could simply say, "this book has brought me a lot of peace and happiness in my life and so I wanted to share it with you".  Completely harmless . :)  Even if they don't read it today, or even ever, I know that that book can and will change someones life.  So when you do this, remember to email or write me about it because that would make me sooo happy :)
Ok I love you all a lot, I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I love being a missionary. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Paul

P.S. my new address is 4827 killdeer rd (nevada smh) Carson City, NV 89701

1. We went to the temple!

2. my comp took a cool pic of me reading so here we go (she likes black and white)