Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello :)

     We got transfer calls yesterday.... I am getting transferred back to the east side, Elkoooo!  My emotions are a little whack about this.  It's pretty weird because I was in both my first two areas for 6 months and so I feel like I have not been here in Carson for long enough at all, I may have shed a couple tears when we got the call. haha.  I love Carson and I love my companion SOOO much, but I guess the Lord has something else in store.  I am happy I am getting to go to Elko though, my new companion Hermana Daniels is the coolest and we cover the girls in Ely so I will get to go on exchanges there ;').  I will be serving in a YSA ward though so I am a little bit nervous about that because my communication skills with people my age are like.. gone. completely.  So that will be interesting and a great learning experience :)
     Cool story for the week:  One of our recent converts struggles with schizophrenia, she has been doing super well lately especially as she has been actively living the gospel but she has been getting a bit off track lately and they put her on some new meds and they did not work out too well.  She was having a lot of crazy hallucinations and was constantly feeling like there were tons of people around her saying things she couldn't understand.  So she checked herself into the mental hospital to get everything figured out.  A couple days in we went to see her there and we were able to pray and read the Book of Mormon with her which she said helped lift her spirits so much and bring the peace she needed. She started getting back into reading and praying and the second time we came she told us that she had a dream that all the people she felt like were around her were people waiting for her to go do their work in the temple... She's amazing.  Since then, the hallucinations have gone down shes back to her good habits and she is doing all that she can to get to the temple to do their work.  Aaahhhh I love that girl so much.
     Yesterday I was sitting at church by one of our investigators and she leaned over to me and said "I was in so much pain today, I did not want to come to church today but God told me I needed to.  I now know why, he helped me realize today that even though my family at home is dysfunctional, I have a family here that I can rely on.  I am going to set up an appointment this week to meet with bishop and then get baptized the next day if he lets me!" So cool because we were getting worried about her because we weren't able to meet with her once this last week.  I'm so excited to hear about her progress. 
     OK so I have been like pretty emotionless my whole mission, like I have honestly been wishing I could just cry during spiritual things but I have not been able to!  Anyways- I don't know if its because I am getting closer to the end or what but the emotions are deciding to creep on in now, or at least in the last week.  We were talking to this 18 yr old girl and I started talking about this recently activated guy and recent convert girl who just got engaged and who will be sealed in the temple and totally started crying in the middle of the street.  And theeenn, in a DLC meeting we were talking about some speakers for an upcoming fireside and one of the elders mentioned how they have a guy who was baptized a year ago, just had a baby and will be getting sealed to all of his family this week and I lost it.  So weird???  Super great too because it was us and 5 other elders so I have been hearing all about it from them this last week. ohhh well.

     I want to testify to you of the power of the Book of Mormon.  I know now more than I ever have that it truly is the word of God.  I know that if we are struggling with a particular sin or are faced with temptation that if we turn to the Book of Mormon it WILL give us the power to resist.  I invite all of you to turn to it when you are feeling extra burdened.  I recently have been studying it by people, using the index to follow their stories and it is the best!  I am learning so much and it has helped me to understand the stories and significance of individuals in it so much more.  Ok, this is long.  I love being a missionary and I love you all! Have a wonderful week :)

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