Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello family and friends :)

     So the last couple of weeks have been crazy.  We had to go on an emergency exchange with a set of sisters, one of which ended up going home so we were put in a trio to cover 2 areas.. It was nutso. We have been so busy but it has been way fun because we have gotten to know some wonderful people in the other area. Our mission president got a call this last week that a sister that has been waiting on a Visa in the Phillipines got it and will be coming tomorrow to be Sister Landgraves new companion! I'm sad to not be working with that whole area anymore but it will be nice to be able to spend all of our time in our area. :) 
     So we had dinner with lady yesterday and she shared the coolest story that I wanted to share. She had a son who got called to the Peru mission and after a couple weeks in the MTC she got a call that they had found out that he had cancer and would be going in for treatments in Provo. He ended up coming home to her Ex husband to do more treatments but was never released as a missionary. After about 3 months she got a call that President Hinckley had said that he would be leaving the next day to get on a plane to go to Peru and get to work. She was devastated and confused and amidst that and her recent divorce she was about to leave the church- there was no way that the prophet could be inspired to send her son to Peru given his condition she said- he could not be called of God. When they had called to let her know that her son was getting on a plane the next morning they had also mentioned that there was a new mission president that would be starting with him- she later found out the significance of that when a couple days after her son entered the field, she got a phone call from him.  She could tell right away that her son was so happy, he was so excited to tell her that the new mission president that was called was a cancer doctor and would personally himself be doing his treatments. She expressed that she was overwhelmed with relief and love from Heavenly Father as she was reminded how aware Heavenly Father was of her and of her son. He completely a full time mission and now has a family of his own! Isn't that sweet? I know that we have a prophet today who leads and guides our church today. I felt the spirit very strongly as he testified to us last weekend- "Choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong," - fav quote of conference :) 
     Our investigators are doing well. I absolutely adore the Rush family- they are hippies and honest seekers of truth and they are progressing well :) In our last lesson the dad said "I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is true" so cool!
     Okay so something I'm really trying to work on is showing love.. One of my companions rocks at showing love and giving hugs and complimenting and making people feel good. I, on the other hand am an avoider of all things touchy-feely and struggle with vocally showing love- so i am going to make a special effort to work on that without being awkward.. Haha any advice encouraged!
     Man I am so happy to be a missionary. The other day I was reflecting on Heavenly Fathers love that he has shown me and I am so incredibly grateful that he has enabled me to have the strength to choose to go on a mission and to have gotten to where I am now. He's so kind! I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week :) Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

Sister Paul xoxoxo

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