Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

Friends and family-

     Ayoooo!  So this week was wonderful.  Sergio got baptized who is a boy we started teaching when I first got here- he was introduced by one of his good friends Kyler who was just baptized in November and then Kyler got to baptize him on Saturday!!  So tender.
     This week I gained a testimony of dropping investigators.  So we have been teaching this guy Jeff and he is seriously the sweetest thing ever but he has a strong struggle with Word of Wisdom and we were kind of thinking that he was just meeting with us because he liked the company and the support from the ward.  He reads the Book of Mormon, he goes to church and he always says such wonderful prayers- but he has not been progressing one bit towards baptism.  So after a lot of prayers and hesitancy as I allowed the natural man to take over myself, we finally decided that we really did need to drop him because thats what Heavenly Father wanted at this time. And so yes it was the hardest thing ever- I cried (sisters smh).  I was so so sad that night and he felt so bad and it was just no fun BUT THENNNN a couple days later it was about 8:40 and so we were thinking of how to be effective at that hour until 9 and decided to go visit a potential investigator.  As we were driving we saw Jeff on the side of the road and he waved us over and said that he had gone to McDonalds at the regular time we meet hoping that we might happen to show up (:')) because he really needed to talk to us.  He told us that he wanted to get baptized.  He went home that night and prayed and pondered and decided that it was the best decision for Him and Heavenly Father wanted it.  He has now resulted to drinking hot chocolate and we are working on cutting back little by little on the number of cigarettes he has a day (i made a cute poster calendar :)) So cool because we had straight up told us he didn't see himself getting baptized because he thought it was too hard like a week before.. Not sure why I ever allow myself to doubt Heavenly Father- he always know what is best as hard as it may be in the moment. :)
     Oh!  So transfer calls were yesterday-  I am staying here for another transfer with Sister Beh again. So happy. :) Wowza- thank you so so very much for the love and support I receive.  I feel so warm right now from all the emails I just read- you are all the best ever.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you and I hope you have a wonderful week!


Sister Paul

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