Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, January 25, 2016

Friends and family;

Helloooo!  This week rocked. OK so I am going to tell you about my top 2 experiences of the week. 
1. There's a recent convert family in the world and they are the best people ever.  So let me just tell you a little about Brad, the dads past- he has struggled with addiction a large part of his life.  He got involved in drugs when he was younger- before and after he had his 2 kids.  At one point he had gotten both his kids taken away from him and he was living in someone else's van in their yard.. Pretty rough situation.  At that point in his life he realized he was at pretty much the lowest he could ever be and he decided he needed to pull his life together.  He didn't really know God, but he prayed more than he ever has in his life and felt Heavenly Fathers love so strongly.  From that he was able to get the motivation to start making changes in his life and pulling it together.  He eventually got his kids back, got a job and this last November him and his 2 kids got baptized.  These last 2 weeks we've been a little nervous because they were cancelling a lot of our appointments and the kids had said that they were kinda slacking on scripture study and the desire to go to church.  On Thursday, we finally got to have a lesson with them and found out that the day before Brads dad had fallen and was in a coma- we had a lesson on how we are all children of God and how the Saviors Atonement can help us with anything that we are facing.  The next day his dad passed away and we were expecting them not to be at church yesterday BUT they were and Brad actually gave a talk!  It was the most powerful talk I have ever heard- his topic was Heavenly Father and he poured his heart out about how much the knowledge of his Heavenly Father's awareness helps in any trial or situation and at the end he talked about how a lot of people had offered to speak in his place but he was so grateful for the opportunity and it helped him a lot.  My story right there does not even do the situation justice at all but just know that the power of this gospel is SO strong. OH! Also- his son Kyler (who is 16) is baptizing one of his best friends on Saturday who he had introduced to the church and that we started teaching a little over a month ago.. so cool!
2. Ok so I don't have time to type the whole other story but a less active dad and daughter started taking the lessons this last monday and he gave the most sincere, heartfelt prayer and his daughter who hasn't really ever believed in God quit drinking cold turkey and has received answers to prayers since we met and its just the coolest thing ever so yes more details to come on that but being a missionary is so funn!
Anyways I love being a missionary so much and also we have transfer calls this next week so hopefully I am staying here!! I love you all very very much and I hope all is going well. Have a good week! xoxox
Sister Paul

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