Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, February 22, 2016

Friends and family-

     Solid week.  We have been seeing a ton of miracles lately and it way cool to see how much Heavenly Father has been helping us out as we've focused on giving up things. We got to have mini missionaries with us this week which was way fun- I was super excited for it because I remember how much I loved going on a mini mission.  Unfortunately we only got them for one day, but I got this girl named Morgan who is a sophomore and she is wayyy cute.  She reminded me a lot of myself when I was that age.. aka focused on boys and music and a lot of things I haven't though about in a while and so it was cool to see her kinda forget about all of that stuff as we got to work.  We were talking to this guy on the street and at one point I had asked her to share how the gospel has made a difference in her life and she talked about how people always asked her why she's so happy all the time and she realized its from the gospel.  She later told me that she had never really thought about that being the reason before until we were all talking.. the Lord filled her mouth and it strengthened her testimony!  Oh also hahaha so we were doing blessing contacts which is basically tracting and offering a blessing on peoples homes..  We knocked on this guys door and he came out and told us he was atheist and that he had armed guns in his home..  I was like oh goodness of course the one time that happens to me on my mission it is with a mini missionary- hahah she handled it well though and just laughed it off so that was good :)
     We had zone conference this week which rooccckked.  Our zone is seriously so fun right now and  I just love being around other missionaries.  It was all about Teaching repentance and baptizing converts- good stuff!
     Ok so we are teaching this awesome black lady named Donna.  She is so cool but she had not came to church yet and always comes up with a reason why she can't- so this last week we took Sister Chesnut (our mission presidents wife) with us to her lesson on the atonement- it was so powerful and the spirit really helped her to know that she needed to go to church! Soooo she came yesterday and had the best experience!  Our ward was so awesome and like a million people came and introduced themselves to her and she was talking all about how she will definitely be coming next week.  She is committed to be baptized on March 19th!  Side note-  we had our mini missionaries commit her to be baptized and after they did her grandson came in and was like "Gramma we're getting bathmatized!!"  Hahah apparently he's thought that baptism was actually bathmatism for the last 4 months.. so cute lol.  
     I love this work.  It is wonderful and I am grateful for every hard thing that shapes me into what Heavenly Father wants. I hope you all have a wonderful week and let me know if theres anything I can do for any of you! :)

Sister Paul

1. Cute mini missionaries- Morgan is the best :)

2. Zone conferenncceee- so fun!

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