Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

Friends and family-

     Life is goooood.  Okay so I want to talk to you about some of the amazing people in this area because they are seriously the best.  So about 2 months ago we started teaching this boy Anthony (pic attached)- he was way cool but it was hard to read him because he's a thinker and didn't say much.. he's YSA age so we had to pass him off to the elders and it ended up being like 3 weeks without us seeing him  until we were finally able to set up a pass off lesson- it was awesome and he committed to being baptized but was hesitant because he still had a lot of doubts.  He continued to meet with the elders and ended up getting baptized like 2 weeks later because he loved it so much and knew it was true EVEN THOUGH his parents kicked him out of his house and are not supporting him in any way.  The YSA ward has helped out a ton with finding him somewhere to say and he's been going out with the elders a lot and wants to go on a mission so bad!  Coolest thing ever.  Also we have been teaching a lot of kids lately which is sooooo fun- they are so innocent and cute and give the most tender prayers and it is amazing.  Its very humbling and really helps me to understand why we are told to become as a child so often in the scriptures!  We are also teaching this boy Tyler who is SO AWESOME but he lives with his girlfriend and we have been scared to bring up the law of chastity but we finally did and he didn't even take it bad!!  Heavenly Father is so helpful as well as the spirit and I am so grateful to not be doing this alone.  
     We got to go to the temple this week and it was the best thing ever!!!  I haven't gone since before my mission and so I was sooooo excited. 
     Ok so good news is that I peed my pants in front of our whole zone so that was really good.  Long story short-  Sister Beh and I were giving a training on adjusting to missionary life and in the book there's this breathing exercise they suggest to do when stressed and so all the missionaries were closing their eyes and I was reading what it said to do and then someone started laughing which led to everyone starting to laugh which led to me realizing I probably should have used the restroom before I got up in front of 20 missionaries which led to Sister Beh and I both standing at the front of the room in puddles and everyone else very amused at the situation.  So yes good first impression for the zone from the STLS and I also peed my pants while street contacting the other but that is a whole different story.. lets just say I am making a special effort now to use the restroom at any time possible and that was probably way tmi..
     Anywwaayyys on the serious side of things my companion and I are really trying to be more worthy vessels of the spirit so we can better help our investigators to progress and to find those who are prepared.  We are doing this "challenge to purify" thing where we made a list of things that poke at the spirit that we are going to fast of for the next 40 days- just as Jesus Christ did.  One of those things I'm doing is only emailing family members for the next 40 days.  So if I don't reply to you please don't get offended!!  I will definitely reply in a couple of weeks and I still love you all- I just need a lot of help from the Lord so we are going to try this out.  I love you all so much!! Seriously so grateful for the emails and support that I receive.. it really really helps. I hope you all have a wonderful week and please let me know if theres anything I can do for any of you!!!

Sister Paul

P.S. If any of you have experiences with law of chastity/word of wisdom/tithing that you would be willing to share pleeaaasse let me know!  I am trying to gain a better testimony of those things so that I can relate and help people better and so any advice or testimonies would be much appreciated.  :)

1. One of the sisters had to go home for surgery so we were in a trio for a couple days- we had a lesson with a single man and since we were in a trio we had to find 3 other men to come out with us..
6 vs. 1.  It was super fun- anyways, this is Bro. Cancro, Justin, Sister Barker, Sister Beh and flat Ethan.  Thank you sister Jobe for the cute letter and him :)

2.  Anthonnnyyyy!  He's so cool.

3.  Temple day with our new zone!!

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