Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, January 18, 2016

Family and friends;

     Happy Martin Luther King Day!!  I had no idea that was today until this morning when we drove by the school and there was no people there.. lol time is so weird. Ok so I don't recall that I sent an email out last week which I am unsure of why because last week soo good.  Elder Lynn G Robbins of the seventy came and trained at MLC as well as did a mission tour training for our whole mission and it was the best thing ever.  He talked all about how we are agents unto ourselves and we are responsible for whether or not we are going to be happy and make the best out of our lives.  He talked about how we want choice, but not responsibility and how we so easily go to a "not-responsible" list that includes things like blaming others, self justification, excuses, minimizing sins, procrastinating, anger, murmuring, self pity and other things to avoid being responsible for our choices.  He said "The second you go to this list you will lose control over positive outcomes".  My explanation does not do anything he said justice but I seriously loved that so much!  We have been so blessed with the gift of agency and it really is our choice how we are going to live our lives.  Ahhh I love this gospel.
     Ok so cool experience for the week:  We have this investigator and she is the coolest ever.  She has been having knee problems and actually sent her grandson to chase the missionaries down because she had seen them walking around all the time and she wanted what we have.  Since then she's been super busy all the time and its been hard to meet with her consistently and she hasn't been able to come to church because of her knee.  This last week she texted us and said things have been crazy and so she couldn't meet with us for a while (worst thing ever to hear as a missionary), so we were super bummed and a couple days later we were in the are with a member after a lesson had fallen through and I just really felt like we should go see Donna- we pulled the bathroom excuse and she ended up letting us in and saying that she had a little bit of free time.  It turned out that she had been super stressed and depressed lately and it turned out that the member we had brought with us (who is a convert) has or is going through a lot of the same stuff as Donna and she related to her and bore such a strong testimony of how this gospel will help all of her situations.  Yesterday we went by again and she said that she wanted to start meeting with us at a set time every other day and really getting serious.. such a miracle!  This really strengthened my testimony of how much our Heavenly Father truly does know us and how aware He is of us.  We had absolutely no idea that Sister Susslin had gone through some of the same things as her- but Heavenly Father did.  This pretty much saved Donna and she is now progressing towards February 13th to be baptized! so happy. :)
     Oh also another thing Elder Robbins said that I loved- Would the savior ever go around feeling sorry or himself?  No siree and neither should we.  This was a good reminder for me haha we are soooo blessed and can find happiness no matter our situations.  This church is truuuueee :)
     I love you all. very much.

Sister Paul

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