Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, October 19, 2015

Friends and family,

     Hello!  I don't have much time today but I just wanted to tell you all that I was driving the other day and almost hit a deer.. luckily I was not driving very fast and was paying attention so I was able to stop just a couple feet before it.  That was the first of about 5 that we saw on that car ride so that was very thrilling!  My companion is wonderful and I am learning so much from her!  She asks so many questions and I love it because it makes me think more and question things which has helped my testimony grow so much.  I want you all to know that I love this gospel so incredibly much.  I have taken advantage of so many aspects of it and have not realized how blessed I have been to have it be a part of my life.  It can literally help any pain or sorrow that we have in our life and is the only way for us to experience true happiness and a fullness of joy.  Never hesitate to share the sweet goodness that comes from it to anyone! I love you alllll, have a wonderful week!

Sister Paul xoxo

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