Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Kylie is called to serve in the Nevada Reno Mission

Monday, March 7, 2016

Friends and family,

     Hello!  First off- I just want to say that I love the Book of Mormon soooo much.  Before these last couple of months I had always read it and I never really doubted it being true, but I was never truly anchored to it.   There is so much power that comes from the Book of Mormon and I know without a doubt that anyone who has a sincere desire to find out if its true or if it will make a difference in their life can find that.  At MLC this last week, President Chestnut shared that we should all strive to get to a point where we can picture the stories in the Book of Mormon in our head like a movie- ya know how when you're reading something then sometimes you like imagine actors that the characters would be in a movie or settings?    I have not yet gotten to that point but I hope to soon!  
     This week was great- we were able to meet with our new investigator Toni and she committed to being baptized on the first lesson and is very eager to learn!  She's awesome. Also we did exchanges this week and it was the first time I stayed in my area without Sister Beh so I was a little stressed but I only got lost twice!  OH but we had exchanged at 8:30 and then were going back to our house for nightly planning and I was carrying my big Adams peanut butter into the house (4th jar this transfer...) and I accidentally dropped in on the ground and it shattered and exploded.. It ended up taking 4 sisters, the owner of the house we live in, paper towels, a spoon and a hose to clean it all up so the sister I was with probably thinks I'm nutso but we did eventually get to planning! 
     Cool story- we were walking in this apartment complex this last week and started talking to this guy Albert.  He was like "are you the mormon missionaries? I'm going to come to your church tomorrow"  So we were like whoa sweet because after talking to him we found out that he's a total atheist but he wanted to come and see how it is- so we told him the time and he ended up coming and staying for all three hours!  Afterwards he pulled us to the side and told us that he really enjoyed it and that he's allowing his kids to make their own decisions when it comes to religion but he said "If they were to pick any church, I'd want them to pick this one, and thats a lot coming from atheist!" hahah he told us we could quote him and use it in our teaching.. way cool.
     We had MLC this week and I said bye to my trainer- Sister Wilkins.  It was so sad! But I am so grateful for her example and friendship and will definitely be seeing her later!
     I loveeee being a missionary.  It's the greatest.  Please let me know if theres anything I can do for any of you and I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Sister Paul

1. Sister Beh, Sister Paul, Sister Wilkins and Sister Anderson- mish bffs

2.  MLC

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